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Important Announcement:

Hello JEBMMPers, I require of your help with the upcoming update of the Mega Mod Pack, which will include support for BI, new mods, more fixes, and generally, much better.

But I will need people to aid me with alpha testing, since it is too much work for me to do effectively. So this is a shout out to all of those who wish to help, as well as those who want get a taste of what’s new in the update. Sadly, this might include many headaches and monotonous work, but it will certainly pay off for everyone else.

However, you have to meet some requirements:
-Have RTW updated to version 1.5.
-Have enough computer knowledge to backup your EB install, have multiple installs and modifying shortcut paths and things as such.
-Be active in the forums. It’s not necesary to be able to access it every single moment of your day, but it’s a plus to you and me. And for that matter.
-Have enough spare time. As long as four or five hours a week for the mod pack.
-If you play RTW on Steam, you must be able to work out how to get the mod or another install running. I don’t have RTW on Steam, so I can’t help you on that matter (And yes, I’ll add compatibility with Steam in the update, but not in the alpha stages).

Is there any way to improve my chances to getting picked? Well yes, here are some optional credentials that can help you get picked for alpha testing:
-Have one or both of the Rome – Total War expansions; ideally, all in the same version (i.e. Steam version, disc version, gold edition, etc).
-Be willing to test the mod pack for the different engines it is available, though this is relatively unimportant.
-Have an IM client for quick and efficient communication. Ideally something like Skype or Google Talk; else, Facebook, Windows Live, Steam or EvolveHQ.
-Have good download speeds. As I will have to send the newest build to you personally, or at least stored in some secret part of this website.

If you want to become a beta tester, you can send me a PM (click here) or send me an email instead (click here) with the title "Mod Pack Alpha Tester – YOURNAMEGOESHERE", and possibly include some details that might be useful (what expansions you have, whether it’s a Steam version or not, etc).

Thanks for supporting the mod pack, may your games be absent of CTDs.


~Jirisys ()