Hello again MMPers. I am here to make an important announcement concerning the current 1.0.x version of the Mod Pack.

It has been quite a long time since the first release of the Mod Pack (two years, to be precise), and all updates were released soon after, not even a month had passed, if I recall correctly. Beyond that, I released some (quite badly compatibilized) mini mods which I had made for the second version of the mod (currently, version 1.1.x), as well as a small hotfix that corrected some annoying CTDs.

It’s been more than a year and no updates have been released since. And I don’t plan to release any more updates to the current 1.0.x versions of the mod. That’s right, I’m officially declaring that the 1.0.x version of the mod has been discontinued. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any technical support for that version of the mod, rather, that there will be no further minor updates, addons, fixes or compatibility adjustments to the addons I released back in late 2011 (sorry lads, but you’re gonna have to copy those files manually).

Back when I released the mod pack, I was younger, more eager, and more careless, so it was a complete mess, organization-wise. The folders where I had made the mod pack was like if there was a hurricane that swept through a pile of spare parts and managed to make a decent car, but you wouldn’t be able to know what to fix if something was wrong. That made it quite difficult to track down bugs and make addons, and I decided to not break my head further with that lovely mess of a mod any longer.

Hopefully you can understand.

The Mod Master and Pack Keeper.

~Jirisys ()