Month: April 2013

  • Get yer hotfixes ‘ere!

    No, I’m not talking about fish suppers. I found a bug with the ExTSO mod which caused it to be incompatible when trying to play with regular EBO users; though it wasn’t really a bug as much as me being careless when copying files. But, thanks the help of the kind and brave Brave Brave […]

  • Three free copies

    Apparently, due to an update or a bug, the 1.1 Alpha Build page lost its password protection, and I hadn’t noticed until today. It seems that at least 3 people downloaded the new build (that’s the lowest estimate), hopefully there won’t be any unauthorized distribution, though I don’t really mind. The page is now password-protected […]

  • ExTSO and Alpha Build 2

    Today a new mod was unveiled (an hosted) here on JEBMMP; the “Extended Trivial Script Options” mod, or ExTSO, for short. It is hosted here, not only for convenience (uptime, no storage limit, no bandwidth limit, no unexpected deletion, etc.), but because it is also included in the Alpha Build 2 of the Mega Mod […]