Fixes, Submods and Alpha Build 1.1

Hello. It’s been a while. A long while. I can still remember quite clearly the last few times I posted here, but it’s been longer than it feels, for sure. I don’t even feel very comfortable writing here, since I haven’t really done much at all, but that’s precisely why I feel this merits a proper announcement.

First of all, the less important one. I have finally brought myself to upload the fixes and submods to the site so you can download it from here instead of going to a third party site that I won’t bother to check whether the files are still up or not. You will find it in the downloads section of the website, the folder aptly called ‘Fixes and Submods’.

Second, and the reason why I made this announcement here: The 1.1 Alpha version of the JEBMMP is available to be downloaded by anyone. The current build as of this writing (1.1 Alpha Build 2 + Hotfix 1) is a very barebones version that contains many fixes I deemed essential to the mod pack; it is perfectly stable (I have used it personally ever since I developed it, even for video game streaming and multiplayer on EB Online), but contains no enhancing mods at all except for my own ExTSO and the Historical Battles Add-On (which I also deemed indispensable, hence why I added it to the alpha build).
I have chosen to make it available for everyone because of three reasons. First, I have not made much progress with regards to the Alpha Build. I wanted to research a way to make it so you could choose the mods you wanted to install before I added any mods to test compatibility; but I didn’t find a way how, even though I have many mods ready to be added and made fully compatible with the current Alpha Build. I think I do anyways; even with my carefulness I have still quite a mess or two at times.
Second: it’s a stable build; at least Alpha 1.1 Build 2 + Hotfix 1 is. I would not recommend you use the build 1, since it was before I implemented ExTSO on it, and Build 2 is much, much simpler and better with it.
Third: I find it a tad silly to keep this whole thing private if I’m not making much progress and the current build is stable enough that people can enjoy it. It’s a nice little thing for those who don’t care much for mods, but would like to have the best vanilla EB experience there is. There aren’t any mods, but you can play multiplayer on EB Online, and the unit cards are much more detailed. In any case, you can always consider it a Christmas/Hannukah/Kwanzaa/Yuletide/Saturnalia/etc. gift.

Since I am ‘releasing’ the alpha build, I should credit those that helped me with its testing development so far, so here are a short few credits:

  • Atraphoenix
  • Daykeras
  • Rudzinski/Lunivere
  • Vartan/Mamik_yev_Konak

I thank you all, testers, friends and fans who were there with me and helped me in this task; and I hope this little thing goes on. Maybe even in EB2 as well.

You can find the alpha build here. In order to install the current build (1.1 Alpha Build 2 + Hotfix 1) you have to download and install the base Alpha Build 2 package (JEBMMP 1.1-a2.zip), then download and apply the Hotfix 1 afterwards on top of it (JEBMMP 1.1-a2h1.zip). Further installation instructions will be in the Readme located in the EB\documentation\JEBMMP\ folder of both packages. Make sure to read them both.


~Jirisys ()



Hello again MMPers. I am here to make an important announcement concerning the current 1.0.x version of the Mod Pack.

It has been quite a long time since the first release of the Mod Pack (two years, to be precise), and all updates were released soon after, not even a month had passed, if I recall correctly. Beyond that, I released some (quite badly compatibilized) mini mods which I had made for the second version of the mod (currently, version 1.1.x), as well as a small hotfix that corrected some annoying CTDs.

It’s been more than a year and no updates have been released since. And I don’t plan to release any more updates to the current 1.0.x versions of the mod. That’s right, I’m officially declaring that the 1.0.x version of the mod has been discontinued. That doesn’t mean that there won’t be any technical support for that version of the mod, rather, that there will be no further minor updates, addons, fixes or compatibility adjustments to the addons I released back in late 2011 (sorry lads, but you’re gonna have to copy those files manually).

Back when I released the mod pack, I was younger, more eager, and more careless, so it was a complete mess, organization-wise. The folders where I had made the mod pack was like if there was a hurricane that swept through a pile of spare parts and managed to make a decent car, but you wouldn’t be able to know what to fix if something was wrong. That made it quite difficult to track down bugs and make addons, and I decided to not break my head further with that lovely mess of a mod any longer.

Hopefully you can understand.

The Mod Master and Pack Keeper.

~Jirisys ()


Get yer hotfixes ‘ere!

No, I’m not talking about fish suppers.

I found a bug with the ExTSO mod which caused it to be incompatible when trying to play with regular EBO users; though it wasn’t really a bug as much as me being careless when copying files. But, thanks the help of the kind and brave Brave Brave Sir Robin, I managed to track down the error, and now there’s a new build for ExTSO, which is guaranteed by me to let you play with the EBO guys.

I added a new section to the sidebar so you can contact me in case you find a bug or if you’re lonely and want someone to talk to (lasses ).

That’s enough jokes for now. See you around.

~Jirisys ()


Three free copies

Apparently, due to an update or a bug, the 1.1 Alpha Build page lost its password protection, and I hadn’t noticed until today. It seems that at least 3 people downloaded the new build (that’s the lowest estimate), hopefully there won’t be any unauthorized distribution, though I don’t really mind.

The page is now password-protected again, I guess I’ll just consider that incident as me giving out free copies of the pack to the people that managed to download it, take it as a reward for your curiosity.

~Jirisys ()


ExTSO and Alpha Build 2

Today a new mod was unveiled (an hosted) here on JEBMMP; the “Extended Trivial Script Options” mod, or ExTSO, for short. It is hosted here, not only for convenience (uptime, no storage limit, no bandwidth limit, no unexpected deletion, etc.), but because it is also included in the Alpha Build 2 of the Mega Mod Pack.

It is not; however, adapted for the alpha build, but for a clean EB 1.2 Install (with the 1.2 fixes obviously, that’s a requirement for everything). I hope to host all of my EB submods here, with the excuse that they would be included in the mod pack as well; instead of going around and messing with unreliable file hosting websites, as well as having them organized in a single webpage that everyone can navigate through easily.

In other news, the Mod Pack is slowly coming together; progress is a bit slow, since I’m only one person actually modding it, but I really like how it’s coming up. In any case, any major news will be announced here. In any case, you’re invited to check out the ExTSO mod to look into how the new version of the mod pack is looking, as it’s one of the most visible changes to vanilla EB so far, as fixes don’t stand out too much. Don’t be surprised by this though, this mod is (in my opinion, as the creator and main user, so far) groundbreaking, to say the least.

But hey, you can’t complain about it, you haven’t seen it yet .

~Jirisys ()


Credit is given if I don’t forget to

I also forgot to mention that all the names of the beta testers will be included in the post and in-game, in case you were wondering.

~Jirisys ()


Hello? Is this on?

Important Announcement:

Hello JEBMMPers, I require of your help with the upcoming update of the Mega Mod Pack, which will include support for BI, new mods, more fixes, and generally, much better.

But I will need people to aid me with alpha testing, since it is too much work for me to do effectively. So this is a shout out to all of those who wish to help, as well as those who want get a taste of what’s new in the update. Sadly, this might include many headaches and monotonous work, but it will certainly pay off for everyone else.

However, you have to meet some requirements:
-Have RTW updated to version 1.5.
-Have enough computer knowledge to backup your EB install, have multiple installs and modifying shortcut paths and things as such.
-Be active in the forums. It’s not necesary to be able to access it every single moment of your day, but it’s a plus to you and me. And for that matter.
-Have enough spare time. As long as four or five hours a week for the mod pack.
-If you play RTW on Steam, you must be able to work out how to get the mod or another install running. I don’t have RTW on Steam, so I can’t help you on that matter (And yes, I’ll add compatibility with Steam in the update, but not in the alpha stages).

Is there any way to improve my chances to getting picked? Well yes, here are some optional credentials that can help you get picked for alpha testing:
-Have one or both of the Rome – Total War expansions; ideally, all in the same version (i.e. Steam version, disc version, gold edition, etc).
-Be willing to test the mod pack for the different engines it is available, though this is relatively unimportant.
-Have an IM client for quick and efficient communication. Ideally something like Skype or Google Talk; else, Facebook, Windows Live, Steam or EvolveHQ.
-Have good download speeds. As I will have to send the newest build to you personally, or at least stored in some secret part of this website.

If you want to become a beta tester, you can send me a PM (click here) or send me an email instead (click here) with the title "Mod Pack Alpha Tester – YOURNAMEGOESHERE", and possibly include some details that might be useful (what expansions you have, whether it’s a Steam version or not, etc).

Thanks for supporting the mod pack, may your games be absent of CTDs.


~Jirisys ()

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